Virtualization and the Future of Marketing

It’s no wonder cloud computing is enjoying the spotlight as the industry darling these days. It offers organizations the ability to purchase the exact infrastructure they need out of the box, while avoiding the operational costs of hosting the equipment or for the expertise required to keep it all running smoothly. Instead, virtual computing resources and applications can be hosted anywhere, and custom fit to meet precise requirements and for a specific length of time – it’s extremely cost-effective.

Quexor relies heavily on cloud resources to create successful marketing solutions for our clients. Our team is spread across the globe in different countries, cities and time zones – but we harness the collaborative power of the cloud to function as if we all had desks in the same office – or at desks in our clients’ office towers. Voice over IP, cloud-based storage, Internet-enabled conferencing and cloud-based project tracking software and other tools all help Quexor to stay very closely connected and able to back each other up whenever required.

In fact, Quexor itself acts in much the same way as cloud computing resources and conveys many of the same benefits. We act as a virtual marketing team for our clients, brought in to develop strategies, product and marketing plans or to provide advice and support for a particular product launch or marketing campaign. Our seasoned marketing professionals – each with at least a decade’s experience – can get to work right away with little-to-no hand-holding or oversight required. We can scale up to work on big tasks or tight deadlines and scale down during periods of inactivity.

Marketing as a service (MaaS) follows the traditional cloud business models – subscription based, pay as you go and on demand capacity. As more and more businesses are adopting cloud based services, we at Quexor have been leading the charge for not just supporting a lot of our clients who are cloud based service and solution providers, but we have adopted the same technologies to support our clients in building the next generation of cloud services.

If you haven’t looked into virtualization – for either your IT or your marketing requirements – now’s the time!