Business Plan 2.0

The world of technology is developing radically and in a seemingly unpredictable direction. This period of innovation will be the make-or-break-it moment for many companies hoping to remain relevant into the future. In order to achieve and maintain relevance, the current trend is to incorporate innovation into the basic fabric of business – and then some.

Take a look at the most successful innovators of today’s world- Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, etc. These companies strayed far from the traditional business model by eliminating standard components of their business that were traditionally understood to be a necessity- such as eliminating the need for a physical store, as in the case of Amazon, or taking a physical product virtual, such as Netflix with their digital video content. These companies did not view these common components as traditional means of business; rather they saw them as barriers, and they removed them. This type of innovation disrupted not only their industries, but contributed significantly to the digital revolution we are now experiencing.

Instead of forming a business plan based on current competitors and assumptions, create a plan based on building your own market. Thinking outside of the box is an overused phrase, and probably not quite enough to address the pace of today’s change; how about shatter the box? Radicalize the industry in which you are in by capitalizing on today’s talent and fresh ideas.

The boundaries of business are being broken by the innovators and inventors of tomorrow. Opportunities are abundant. True success will come by overcoming traditional 2D thinking and developing innovative 3D or 4D mindsets. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

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