Recycling is Good for Your Marketing Environment

Quexor is a big fan of recycling. We‘re not talking about the newspapers and cans you put out on the curb every week, (although that‘s great too) but content recycling.

Creating good corporate collateral can be resource intensive: getting input from the right stakeholders, making it through all the review cycles, obtaining approval from the c-suite or (heaven forbid) the legal department can take considerable time and effort. So it‘s not very efficient to just use that content once. And there‘s a good chance your target audience will miss it if you only post it in one place.

Most of you are familiar with the concept of content recycling. A white paper can also be shortened and repurposed as a blog post, for example, and then tweeted about.

But how about taking it a step further and really getting the most out of your content recycling efforts? If you have an executive giving a keynote address, why not record it and put it into a podcast or post it on your website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles or other social media properties? It may seem like more work, but if you‘re going through all the trouble to prepare a speech and a slide deck, setting up a video camera isn‘t that much harder.

Even if recording a video isn‘t an option, it‘s now really easy with PowerPoint to animate and capture presentations that include video and even a pointer to create simple multimedia that can be used on your website, attached as a link into mailers, posted to SlideShare.

Repurposing content in various formats helps to ensure you reach your target audience with a consistent message across multiple channels. Using multiple formats increases the likelihood your content will be picked up and consumed in the manner each of your target audience is most comfortable with. And, most importantly, reaching a larger audience ensures you get more return on your marketing efforts.

Instead of creating content and then having it disappear after a single use, Reduce your workload, Reuse your great ideas and Recycle your best content, no matter what the source, across multiple venues to maximize your marketing results.

If you want more ideas about how to get the most mileage out of your content, Quexor would be happy to help.