What a Great Time to be in Telecom

I may be dating myself, but as someone who started in this business in the heady days of telecom deregulation in the mid 90s, I was certain that the ‘good old days’ were long behind us. But after attending Mobile World Congress 2012, it’s clear that the promise and excitement of the state of the wireless industry today makes the late 90s .com buzz look downright boring.

Aside from the student protests, metro strike threats and CBOSS Girls, this year’s Mobile World Congress was all about our increasingly connected world. And while we’ve been paying lip-service to this for a while now, I can’t help but look around and say ‘hey, we’re actually starting to do all the stuff we’ve been talking about!’ With new players such as Ford, healthcare, app developers, book publishers, music producers and M2M businesses (..and I could go on), the show floor in Barcelona looks quite a bit different than it did just a few short years ago.

It’s exciting to be part of an industry that is changing all of our lives in a very real fashion. From the workplace and home, to entertainment, education, commerce, social media, health and security – to even global politics – the capabilities of mobile devices have gone beyond our wildest dreams, and are sure to go even further in the future. No one can say with certainty what will happen over the next ten years, or even the next ten months, but I can assure you that Mobile World Congress will once again bring together the innovation and creative spirit of the thousands of people that are shaping this industry today. Our thanks to the GSMA for another fantastic event, and for those in this industry who work every day to make our lives more interesting, enjoyable and productive.