Telecom Practice

The telecommunications and communications industries are rapidly advancing into sophisticated digital marketplaces. At Quexor, we speak the language of telecom. We specialise in developing strategies that position our clients ahead of the curve.

Take a leap into the future with Quexor.

Corporate & Product Strategy

Corporate, product and business strategies are the basis of success. We'll build your go-to-market, M+A and New Market/Product Strategies with speed and efficiency to get you on track and into the market.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Strategic marketing and planning is vital in the overcrowded telecoms, communications and technology industries. From brand awareness and rebranding to integrated marketing campaigns, we leverage best practices to track and measure return on investment (ROI).

Digital Marketing

Our experts stay ahead of the curve by staying fluent in the digital language through real-time monitoring of industry trends, technological advances and everything digital. Our team will fulfill your digital marketing needs. From SEO, SEM, website design, social media and much more, Quexor's digital capabilities are endless.

Marketing Communications

Creating and delivering innovative, creative and targeted content is a huge factor in marketing communications. Quexor will provide this and all of your creative services and digital marketing needs.


    Quexor Group

    A global business & technology consulting organization providing strategy consulting, go-to-market & support services for the telecoms & IoT markets.

    We simplify the complex world of communications & Internet of Things, allowing our customers to seamlessly onboard new technologies.

    We provide the highest quality experience by offering integrated and innovative support services. We use our expertise to focus on achieving your business goals.

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