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Digitization: Leading the Way to Hyper-Connectivity

We live in interesting times, with the lines between digital and reality ever-blurring to become one. Full scale Digitization is looming on the horizon, where consumer, healthcare, retail and personal experiences are all vastly changing due to the influx of technology that is working to create unprecedented convenience- matched with an entirely new level of connectivity and consumption, and for many, an unnerving loss of privacy.


Disney Beats Everyone to the IoT Punch

Upon visiting Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, a few weeks ago with my family I learned quite a bit had changed since my last visit, 15 years prior. I had read about Disney’s integration of the ‘MyMagicPlus’ system which connects individual park visitors, via a RFID chip-embedded wristband with a two year battery life, to the Cloud - albeit the Disney Cloud. These “MagicBand” wristbands are truly something remarkable; similar in design to a FitBit, but with extreme data mining capabilities.


Business Plan 2.0

Innovate your business plan & disrupt your industry

The world of technology is developing radically and in a seemingly unpredictable direction. This period of innovation will be the make-or-break-it moment for many companies hoping to remain relevant into the future. In order to achieve and maintain relevance, the current trend is to incorporate innovation into the basic fabric of business - and then some.


What’s Driving Your Business: Emotions or Dynamic Evaluation?

Today’s business needs are constantly evolving, making it a challenge to keep pace when it comes to making the right decisions for your business. Organizations need to look at building hybrid operational models that are scalable and reliable to facilitate the course changes demanded by rapidly evolving markets and technology.

An organization must maintain a dynamic evaluation process based on reason, which requires all areas–including internal, external influences and available resources – to be in a constant state of scrutiny. The evaluation process needs to be dynamic in that it considers both the current and future needs of the business, while looking ahead at potential advances in technology, process lifecycles, as well as applications and tools. Only then should one propose strategic and tactical plans based on those needs—all within the confines of seamlessly running a profitable business that is focused on the immediate goals and objectives of the organization. Clearly, there are a lot of moving parts.


Virtualization and the Future of Marketing

It’s no wonder cloud computing is enjoying the spotlight as the industry darling these days. It offers organizations the ability to purchase the exact infrastructure they need out of the box, while avoiding the operational costs of hosting the equipment or for the expertise required to keep it all running smoothly. Instead, virtual computing resources and applications can be hosted anywhere, and custom fit to meet precise requirements and for a specific length of time – it’s extremely cost-effective.

Quexor relies heavily on cloud resources to create successful marketing solutions for our clients. Our team is spread across the globe in different countries, cities and time zones - but we harness the collaborative power of the cloud to function as if we all had desks in the same office – or at desks in our clients’ office towers. Voice over IP, cloud-based storage, Internet-enabled conferencing and cloud-based project tracking software and other tools all help Quexor to stay very closely connected and able to back each other up whenever required.


Recycling is Good for Your Marketing Environment

Quexor is a big fan of recycling. We‘re not talking about the newspapers and cans you put out on the curb every week, (although that‘s great too) but content recycling.

Creating good corporate collateral can be resource intensive: getting input from the right stakeholders, making it through all the review cycles, obtaining approval from the c-suite or (heaven forbid) the legal department can take considerable time and effort. So it‘s not very efficient to just use that content once. And there‘s a good chance your target audience will miss it if you only post it in one place.


Your Product has a Story – Tell It!

Product marketing material often fails to connect with its audience in a meaningful or memorable way. One way to keep your product marketing fresh and relevant is to go back to one of the oldest forms of communication – storytelling.

Humans are hardwired to both tell and listen to stories; it’s how we passed on important information for tens of thousands of years before written communication was invented. Good storytellers are ones who always keep their audiences top of mind as they spin their tales. And the best and most memorable stories are children’s stories – who doesn’t remember the basics of Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood?


Content is King

Innovation, flexibility and scalability gives telecoms reason to rejoice
By Barbara Henris

In a world of social media, websites, blogs, case studies and whitepapers, today’s businesses are driven by content. More than ever, Content is King. Customers want to be able to research and understand your offerings, and if your competitor’s website offers the information they are looking for, this will put you at a serious disadvantage in the initial sales process. But beyond the early stages- different types of content are required at each point of the sales process.


What a Great Time to be in Telecom

I may be dating myself, but as someone who started in this business in the heady days of telecom deregulation in the mid 90s, I was certain that the ‘good old days’ were long behind us. But after attending Mobile World Congress 2012, it’s clear that the promise and excitement of the state of the wireless industry today makes the late 90s .com buzz look downright boring.


It's All About Optimization

While last year was all about policy control and customer experience, one of the key trends seen in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress this year was the enhanced focus on network optimization and OSS. Network optimization, network modeling, and quality of service were key themes seen throughout the exhibition halls and the sessions, and it’s no surprise. With LTE and hybrid networks causing (or about to cause) backhaul headaches for service providers, now is the time to figure out how to make the most of what you’ve got – in terms of network assets, that is.


What are the two most important words in marketing? – ‘So What?’

Most technology companies begin by solving a problem or doing something better than the next guy. They are really smart people doing really smart things, but somehow their message too often gets muddled and mired in the minutiae and latest industry jargon. Too many websites and PowerPoint decks lead with the details, leaving prospects, investors, and even family members, scratching their heads and asking – ‘so… what do you do?’




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